And i got a …..


2:1 😀

Still traveling round Europe (in Prague atm) but thought this was good enough news to warrant a blog post! 😀


Diss is done!


Yesterday I handed in my diss! I still have to do a demo, to show that (almost) everything works as it should and prove that I was the one who actually wrote it. This shouldn’t be too bad as I’ve been working on it since October so I know the ins and outs of the code.

It was quite a relief to have handed it in, but I’m kind of lost now as it has dominated my life for so long!

I’ve now only got 3 weeks left of Uni (well, till the end of my exams) which I have to say, is quite scary. I still haven’t found a job so I don’t know what I’ll be doing after I finish yet.

The N95 is still really cool, it definitely needs an update but from the forums that I’ve visited, it seems like an update is only a few days/weeks away. Hopefully this will fix the random restarts and memory problems. Other than these few (fixable) problems the N95 is brilliant. Unfortunately I can’t use the wifi network on the uni campus but there are a few free unencrypted networks around which I can use if I need to.

Knights of Alexandra


Knights of Alexandra

This is the result of being rather bored, and wanting to avoid doing uni work.

This took far too long to do, the inpromptu jousting only took a minute or two! Editing and production took several hours, mainly due to repeated crashing of Jon’s computer.

Hope you like it, leave comments here and/or on youtube 🙂