Change default google search in firefox


I’ve just been trying to find out how to change where a search from firefox’s search box goes.

By default it goes to, but i wanted to use I’ve searched around and didn’t find anything giving a definitive answer so thought i’d write it here.

(Note: You should close firefox before making any changes)

It’s a very simple fix, basically all you need to do is navigate to the firefox directory (“c:\program files\mozilla firefox” is the default for windows) then open the “searchplugins” folder.

Next you need to edit the “google.xml” file and change this line:

<Url type=”text/html” method=”GET” template=””&gt;


<Url type=”text/html” method=”GET” template=””&gt;

or whichever google locality you wish to use.
I also changed this line (but i’m not sure if it’s necessary):


Then re-open firefox and search away! 🙂