Spybot 1.6 has been released


I don’t normally post about new releases of software but i thought i’d make an exception (i might even start to post a bit more about different software releases if they are justified).

A few days ago Spybot Search & Destroy was released. This is one of the programs that i install straight away after installing Windows. For those who haven’t heard of it before it is essentially a spyware scanning and removal tool. It does however, have a number of additional features that are very useful, such as monitoring the registry for changes (spyware/adware can attempt to change parts of the registry) and gives you the option to allow or deny the change.

The main changes from the previous version are:

  • Improved Scan Speed
  • Up-to-date browser support
  • Easier On-Access Use
  • OpenSBI

Head over to www.spybot.info for more information and to download