Tom Mcrae


Well last night i saw Tom Mcrae at the Birmingham Academy 2. It was absolutely amazing, and even though i’ve seen him 3 times now i loved every second.

The support was from a guy called Steve Reynolds and he was fantastic, he really can play the guitar! He’s definitely worth a listen if you’ve not heard him before.

Tom Mcrae then came on and played songs from all his albums, including the new one, King of Cards. Both Tom and Steve were suffering from Man Flu but they both did really well, Tom ony missed a few of the high notes but we sang them for him 🙂

Tom’s set list was:

  1. For the restless
  2. A&B song
  3. Got a suitcase, got regrets
  4. On & On
  5. Dose me up
  6. Deliver me
  7. One misssissippi
  8. Set the story straight
  9. Streetlight
  10. Walking to Hawaii
  11. Only thing i know (unreleased)
  12. RISE (I can’t actually remember what this one was….)
  13. Silent boulevard


  1. My vampire heart
  2. The boy with the bubblegun
  3. Ghost of a shark

I took 4 videos and some photos of the gig which you can see below.

You can view the flickr slideshow of the photos i took here

Got a suitcase, got regrets:


Walking to Hawaii

The Only Thing I Know (unreleased)