DestroyTwitter is a Twitter client built to run on Mac, Windows, and Linux using Adobe AIR. It is completely free (although you can donate to support it) and is by far the best desktop client i have found for Twitter.

It supports theming, and there a large number of themes already available for download.

All the usual features are there, including:

  • Reply to tweets
  • ReTweet tweets
  • See your replies, sent and direct messages
  • Save tweets
  • Search twitter


It is a brilliant twitter client and i definitely recommend it to anyone who is hooked on twitter and needs to get their ‘fix’ all the time! (and anyone else who uses twitter!)




Twibble is a mobile client for Twitter. It works on most (if not all) Java enabled smartphones including Nokia, Blackberry, and Sony Ericsson.

It has all of the standard features from a twitter client including:

  • posting tweets via wifi, gprs, sms
  • auto refresh
  • send photos to twitpic (new beta version uploads to
  • re-tweet (forward) of tweets

You can get the current version here and information on the beta is here here

It is (so far) the best free twitter client for my N95. There are other alternatives that are a bit more polished but they are not free, and twibble still seems to be the best. The beta version adds support for showing avatars and uses less memory (amongst other things).

Go check it out!

Adding Tweets to your blog


I recently signed up to Twitter and wanted to show my latest tweet on my blog here. Up till now i was using an rss feed to show it but it looked really bad. Today i found a much nicer way!

  1. You need to visit TwitSig and put your Twitter name into the box, then click “Get Code”
  2. Copy the code into a new Text Widget on your blog.
  3. If you want to tweak the size of the image you need to change the image source address.
  4. Save your changes and view your blog page. You should see your latest tweet appear in an image.

For more detailed instuctions (and a video guide) visit the blog here