Vista explorer thumbnails fix


I noticed the other day that vista wasn’t showing any thumbnails for 3gp files. I searched around and came across a registry file (.reg) which adds thumbnails to explorer for a large number of media files. An excerpt of the file can be seen here:


The only bit of this which is of any interest is the bolded part. This is the part which specifies the file extension. You can find a reg file which ‘fixes’ all main media types below.
This image shows the before and after icons displayed in explorer:

After | Before

Download it here

Use this at your own risk, i take no responsibility for any damage/problems that occur as a result of using this file.


Hidden 3D Benchmarks in Vista


Over at the HowToGeek site (again!) they’ve posted about some “hidden” 3D benchmarks in Vista. They don’t do anything useful when run on their own (although when run as part of the System Assesment Tool they do…) but they look pretty cool 🙂

First of all, open a elevated command window, then type one of the following commands:

  • winsat aurora
  • winsat d3d -texshader -totalobj 15
  • winsat d3d -objs C(20) -texshader -totalobj 50
  • winsat d3d -totalobj 20 -objs C(20) -totaltex 10 -texpobj C(1) -alushader -noalpha -v -time 10
  • winsat d3d -totalobj 20 -objs C(20) -totaltex 10 -texpobj C(10) -alushader -v -time 10

You will get some pretty interesting animations appear on your screen. The above commands can be tweaked to get different results so why not have a play?!

Here are some screenshots (courtesy of the HowToGeek page) of what the benchmarks might look like:

Benchmark screenshotBenchmark screenshotBenchmark screenshotBenchmark screenshotBenchmark screenshot

Restart Explorer Safely


Over at the how-to-geek site they’ve shown a safe way to restart explorer on Vista. This is useful because it will close explorer “nicely” rather than terminating the process through the Task Manager.

Restart explorer

The trick:

  • Open the Start menu.
  • Hold down the Control and Shift keys, and right-click on a blank space in the Start menu.
  • Choose “Exit Explorer.”
  • Open the Task Manager (Ctrl+Shift+Esc), navigate to File->Run, enter “explorer” and hit OK.

Source: lifehacker and howtogeek

Reset Vista folder icons


I’ve just had to fix a problem on Vista where the downloads folder had gone back to the yellow folder icon rather than the blue one. A search on google lead me to this site which explains how to fix any of the folder icons in your Documents folder.


Vista icons


Vista icons after

(Both pictures are taken from the HowToGeek page)