Diss is done!


Yesterday I handed in my diss! I still have to do a demo, to show that (almost) everything works as it should and prove that I was the one who actually wrote it. This shouldn’t be too bad as I’ve been working on it since October so I know the ins and outs of the code.

It was quite a relief to have handed it in, but I’m kind of lost now as it has dominated my life for so long!

I’ve now only got 3 weeks left of Uni (well, till the end of my exams) which I have to say, is quite scary. I still haven’t found a job so I don’t know what I’ll be doing after I finish yet.

The N95 is still really cool, it definitely needs an update but from the forums that I’ve visited, it seems like an update is only a few days/weeks away. Hopefully this will fix the random restarts and memory problems. Other than these few (fixable) problems the N95 is brilliant. Unfortunately I can’t use the wifi network on the uni campus but there are a few free unencrypted networks around which I can use if I need to.

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