Pinging AutoShutdown


Pinging AutoShutdown is a application that allows you to leave your computer on until it looses its network connection.

To use:

  1. Enter an IP Address that you wish to ping, i tend to use the address of my router.
  2. Enter a time delay (in seconds) between ping attempts. 60 seconds should be fine.
  3. Choose what action you wish to take when it fails to ping the IP Address 3 times in a row.
    • Show message – simply alerts you with a message
    • Shutdown machine – shuts down your machine
    • Shutdown (forcefully) – forces applications to close (useful if there are lots of applications running)
    • Custom action – allows you to specify a custom action ie. run a batch file, or another application
  4. Choose whether to save the ping results to a log file (uses the date and time when it starts checking as the file name)
  5. Choose whether to save the settings you have chosen when the application closes
  6. Start Checking! Results will appear in the box at the bottom. You can cancel the checking by clicking the button again.
Pinging AutoShutdown Screeshot

Pinging AutoShutdown Screenshot

You can download it here

This is an early release and as such there may be bugs/problems. If you use this and discover any, or have any ideas for new features then please contact me using the form below.

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