My Software


I enjoy writing software programs and the ones that actually do something worthwhile will be explained here, although i am considering getting another blog dedicated to my software.

‘Released’ Software

Setup PC
During my industrial year i created a little program which creates .bat files to do certain tasks usually required when changing networks. More information can be found here

Pinging AutoShutdown

This is a program which pings a specified IP Address at a specified frequency until the IP Address is no longer reachable, when it shuts down the pc, or shows a message or performs a custom action.

I have released the first version of this. More information can be found here

Software in development

Complete rewrite of “Setup PC”
I am in the process of writing a new application (well it’s essentially the Setup PC program above but it’s being completely redesigned and rewritten – from scratch) which will allow you to easily switch between different networks, by changing a large number of settings including:

  • ip configuration (DHCP or static ip addressing)
  • Internet Explorer proxy settings
  • Connecting to network drives
  • Setting the default printer
  • Launch custom files or scripts

At the moment this program is in the very very early stages, but i am hoping to have the basic features finished soon.

Final Year University Project

During my final year at University i had to do a project (worth 1/3 of my final year mark). You can find my report of the project here.

Feel free to ask any questions via the contact section on my “About me” page