Setting “My Phone Number” (MSISDN) via Android


Recently i realised that my phone number wasn’t showing up in the settings on my HTC Desire. After spending a while searching around i discovered that this was because the MSISDN number wasn’t set on my sim card. This is usually something that is set by your phone network operator but it seems like a lot of the time it doesn’t happen.

So i began hunting for a way to set this via Android. It appeared to be impossible! Everywhere i looked said “use an old phone” or “use an iphone” but i don’t have either. It does seem to be possible using the CyanogenMod rom but i didn’t fancy installing a whole new rom just to set my phone number.

Screenshot of settings showing that "My Phone Number" has been setThen i happened to find this page.

There is an app on the Android Market called “My Phone Number” that allows you to set your phone number with ease. It doesn’t work on all phones (might just be custom roms, so you’ll need to have rooted your phone, although i don’t think the app actually needs root itself.).

I installed the app, ran it and entered my phone number. And it worked!

You might wonder what the point of this is…. well there are a number of apps that rely on your phone number being set. To use apps like Pingchat you must have it, the Paypal app needs it to let you sign in using just a pin (it picks up the phone number automatically from the SIM). Without your phone number being set correctly these apps won’t work. It also means that the SMS application will recognise your text messages as sent by you, and display your contact picture if you have set one.


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