Sync ipod (and scrobble to with Winamp


I posted a while ago about scrobbling to without iTunes, so i thought i’d write about how to do this using winamp and the ml_ipod plugin.

Once you have installed winamp all you need to do is download the plugin from the site above and install it. If you want to scrobble to you need to check the box during the install as this feature is not installed by default.

Once it is installed, connect up your ipod (it supports most ipods) and it will ask you for some details about what model of ipod it is. You will also need to enter your details into the “Audioscrobbler for Winamp” plugin (found under General purpose plug-ins).

You can then sync your ipod with your winamp library. Each time you sync it will update the playcounts (both ways) and submit any newly played tracks to As with any other method of scrobbling you need to make sure you sync before playing any tracks in winamp, otherwise any previously played tracks will not be accepted by

There is very little configuration required for the ml_ipod plugin although there are a lot of options that you can explore.

Ipod Preferences screenshot

Ipod Preferences screenshot

Transfer window

Transfer window

(Screenshots taken from the ml_ipod website)

3 thoughts on “Sync ipod (and scrobble to with Winamp

  1. qwynwyn

    Hey – Thanks for your helpful blog entry. I figured out why my tracks weren’t being scrobbled – forgot to check the scrobble to feature.

  2. Vestu

    Won’t scrobble unicode songs and never will (according to the devs) 😦 so, not useful for me at least. Half of my songs have chinese, korean and japanese names. Only option for us j-freaks is to use itunes with its unstable and crappy ipod scrobbling feature…

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