Scrobble playcount from ipod to without itunes


I’ve recently bought a ipod classic (80GB) and have hated iTunes ever since. I’ve tried a couple of other programs to manage it but so far not found anything quite right. One of the main things that are lacking in other programs is the ability to upload the tracks that have been played to This is no longer a problem after i found…. LastPod.

It’s a little java application which runs on both windows and unix that simply reads the playcount data from your ipod and allows you to upload (scrobble) them to It’s very easy to use and i think finally i might be able to ditch iTunes, so long as i can decide on the next best software to use (Windows Media player + MGTek’s dopisp plugin, winamp + ml_ipod plugin, mediamonkey) . Comments on a postcard to the usual address (or in the comment box at least… :))

12 thoughts on “Scrobble playcount from ipod to without itunes

  1. I’ve been searching for a solution to the iPod scrobbling problem for so long I nearly fell off the chair when this simply…worked. It just worked!

    Thank you for putting this information out.

  2. Robson

    I use windows 7 and it has just worked for me. Actually I plugged my iPod before installing, so sync was done prior to scrobbling, let’s see what happens with that.

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