I came across this site just now, and i have to say it’s brilliant! 😀

What it does is backup your phone contacts and calendar for free, onto the website where you can edit and add to both the calendar and your contacts. It does send a reasonable amount of data (about 100KB) so if you’re using GPRS/wap and have a limited monthly allowance then it may cost you to use it. With my N95 however, i can tell it to use a wifi connection so it’s free!

It’s very simple to set up and they send you the necessary settings to your phone so very little technical knowledge is needed. It may come in handy if/when you lose your phone or if you change your phone and want a simple way to sync the data across them.

It gives you a nice location to monitor your calendar too, as it shows you your upcoming tasks/meetings etc as well as birthdays (assuming you have birthdays within your contacts).

Even though i’ve only just started ‘playing’ with this site i can say it’s fantastic, even if it’s only used as a backup.

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