After tinkering with setting up a webserver on my computer, I thought it would be a good idea to host a calendar on it. I couldn’t get everything set up properly and while googling I came across a website that hosts ical calendars free of charge, icalx.com.

You can sign up for a free account, using which you can host a number of calendars (I believe that there is no limit but not 100% sure) and you can set them to be private or publicly visible. As well as hosting the calendar you get a html interface to display the calendar. The site uses a early version of phpicalendar. Why it is not a more recent version I don’t know, I did email the owner but I got no response. Although there is no way of editing the calendar via this web interface, any calendar software that supports ics files should allow this. Personally I am using Mozilla Sunbird but Outlook will also work.


One thought on “icalx.com

  1. This webhost, does not offer huge webspace / bandwidth but it does offer suitable resources, 250MB webspace, 6GIG monthly transfer, FTP account, 5 addon domains, 2 subdomains, and many more….

    Bonus:, this site has an autoinstaller with over many scripts, also Online protection, an easy way to protect your files!!



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