Sync a Nokia phone with Lightning/Google Calendar


I have finally found a way to sync the calendar on my phone with Lightning. It’s a slightly roundabout method but it works!

  1. Firstly, you need to have Thunderbird with Lightning installed (Sunbird would probably do this too).
  2. Next you need to have a Google Calendar.
  3. Go here and download and install the application on your phone
  4. Follow the instructions on this page to get lightning to use your Google Calendar
  5. Load up the application on your phone and sync away.

This is probably not the most efficient way of syncing your calendar but until Mozilla/Nokia choose to let us do it directly, i’m probably going to have to use this method.


12 thoughts on “Sync a Nokia phone with Lightning/Google Calendar

  1. -C-

    Thanks for this. Great to know that it’s possible 🙂

    Did you ever come up with a better solution?

    How about syncing email with Thunderbird?



  2. Chris Cox

    This is great. I can now sync my iPAQ with Thunderbird/lightning via Birdiesync, lightning and Google Calendar and that with my N95.
    Much appreciated.



  3. Thank you for this great solution. I have a question though, if my calendar is self hosted (.ics format ) will this still work with gcalsync ?

    Thank ahead and thanks again 🙂

  4. hey,
    nice that someone is thinking about good ways, but why using webservices? With Vista and Nokia Suite you can do it easily. Just use Windows calender, make a new Calender and tell Lighning to use file:\\C:\Users\*USERNAME*\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows Calendar\Calendars\*CALENDER_NAME*.ics
    Now just tell nokia suite do sync your phone with Windows calender (you will never need to open this bad calender again)

    • Dave

      MP Nice work
      Is there then a way to sync that calendar with your Google Calendar?
      i dont have a data plan on my n95, so am trying to sync all calendars (N95, Gmail and Thunderbird/lightning) using only the cable connection from the phone to the computer and then the net connection from thunderbird to Google.

    • I’m not aware of anything that lets you do this….although it has been a while since i looked into it as i now sync with windows calendar on Vista. If i find anything i’ll post it here.

    • Alf

      Hi MP,
      What do you mean by “tell Lighning to use…”?
      Export the .ics? (which one of my three calendars in Lighning? I use three, one private, and two business ones) or import the .ics? (what if I add a meeting on the nokia ‘offline’?).
      I was not even aware that there was a Windows Calendar existing…

      Would it work with contact sync as well? Thunderbird is able to export LDIF, windows contacts can read LDIF but what will be synced by Nokia PC Suite?

      If the above steps are do-able manually, is there not a script out there to do all the work? (I am not a programmer though).

      BTW: I am using newest Thunderbird/Lighing, Nokia N95 and PC Suite (all newest versions and firmwares).

      Many thanks!

    • G

      Need to substitute backward slashes with forward slashes.
      So for instance:
      Once lightning has been installed in thunderbird, go to windows explorer and copy the path to the *.ics calendar.
      Go back to thunderbird and go Calendar>new calendar>on the network, and paste in the location and then substitute forward slashes for the backward ones.
      Then, before the path name you need to put file:/// for instance if your calendar was in My Documents, your location path would look like this(without the quotation remarks):
      “file:///F:/My Documents/mycal.ics”
      Make sure that this is actually the path to your file and that your calendar is actually called mycal.ics. Otherwise of course the path and name would have be adjusted.

  5. gaetano

    ok, i’ve tried: does not work. Thanks however…
    Just a small variation: to avoid loosing my calendar when formatting my pc, i “published” the windows calendar to another disk “E:\calendars\mycal.ics”, telling windows to publish there all changes. So in thunderbird I’ve chosen that file. This way next time i format my pc I won’t loose mycal…

    Do you think a similar workaround is possible also with Outlook calendars? Do I have to set authorisations or policies for that? How can i publish outlook calendar on my pc?
    Thank you so much!

  6. gaetano

    Sorry to annoy you. I noticed that publishing the windows calendar is a good way to keep a backup of that, but thunderbird still MUST point to file:///c:/users/username/etc….. otherwise the changes done in thunderbird won’t affect windows calendar, resulting in erased changes everytime thunderbird reloads the remote calendar (each 30 minutes by default).
    Thanks for paying attention.

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