Memory Card update


I’m not particularly impressed with the support that mobymemory have given, but they have told me to return the broken microSD card to them and it will be replaced. Although their prices are some of the cheapest, i don’t know if i’ll buy from them again as it takes far too much effort to get a response from their after-sales support team.

I originally emailed them on friday evening, and got no response at all. I ‘talked’ to someone on their support line chat on Monday who said to send a NEW email to a different address. This implies that they knew about my previous email…. I sent the new email and got an auto-generated response saying i would be contacted within 24 hours. Almost 48 hours later, and after i posted a topic on their forum complaining (not sure if this is anything to do with it or not) i got an email instructing me to return it for a replacement.

Obviously i am glad that they are replacing the memory card but i feel that if you can’t respond within 24 hours then don’t say that you will! I would’ve been more than happy if they’d said i would be contacted within 48 hours, but they didn’t! From looking at other threads on their forum i am sure that i’m not the only one who has had problems with their after-sales support. I will still look at the prices on their site but i don’t think i’ll be buying from them again unless their support improves or the prices are considerably cheaper.

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