N95 update


I’ve had the N95 for a week now and I can say that although I love it still, there are some aspects that seem to let it down.

Firstly there is the battery life. I have used it as I did my n70 and the battery has died after less than 2 days use. I practically have to charge it every night.

Secondly, it seems to restart more than my n70. I guess this is something that can/will be fixed in an update soon but it’s quite annoying to be using it and have it restart or freeze (meaning you have to take the battery out to turn it off)

Thirdly, there seems to a slight bug in the messaging. On all my previous phones, when you looked at the details of the message it would tell you what time the message was sent. This is not the case on the n95; it tells you when you received it. This is kind of pointless when you get a text from someone saying “I’ll be there in 5 minutes” or similar because you have no idea when it was sent! Although this technically isn’t a bug I see it as one because it is different to all other phones and makes no sense! If I knew where to send a bug report/comment about this to nokia I would send one right now.

But on to the good points 🙂

I am very impressed with the GPS, it pinpointed where I was when I tried it at home very accurately. Once I had downloaded the maps using my laptop (to save on GPRS charges) I added several other points and told it to navigate between two. Although it sometimes takes a while to get a GPS fix, once you have it, it works brilliantly.

Although it might seem a minor thing, the alarm clock works brilliantly. On my n70 I had to use third-party software to get an alarm clock that would function when the phone was off. On the N95 the built-in alarm does the job perfectly.

The wifi on the N95 is amazing! Once I managed to get it connected to my router, I could browse the internet with ease. Although some sites aren’t worth visiting (youtube doesn’t work well because it needs the flash plug-in) most sites work ok and it’s particularly useful for checking something on Wikipedia or Google. I did go through most of the process of ordering stuff off play.com and it appeared to work ok (I didn’t actually complete the order so i’m not 100% sure it would work)

Overall I am very pleased and impressed with the N95, and once nokia release an update or two i’m sure it will be even better.

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